Spoiler Alert!!!

We made it ☺️ 


4,717 miles 

35 Days

12 States

2 Wild Hogs and a Honey Badger!

I’ll be filling in all of the daily details over the next couple of weeks!!

Thank you all for your love and support ❤️❤️❤️


43 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert!!!

  1. Looking forward to your updates as I have been following you since the start. We will begin our adventure the first part of august. Thank you and congrats.


  2. Way, way cool!
    such a great time you all have had, glad to see you only had a few bumps along the way, always good to have more plus than minus.
    As always, Bars up Knobs down.


  3. Great job! Excited to hear about the rest of the trip. Thanks for documenting, it has been a lot of fun tracking your trio’s progress. 🙂


  4. congrats.. followed every day… great write up…. can’t wait to do it.. awaiting the aftermath stories…lol

    let me know if you lost weight etc… how much water you drank daily etc.

    so, would you do it again?


  5. Awesome! Congrats on your big finish! Looking forward to more details as you elaborate on the days. Thank you so much for taking the time blog.


  6. Good job. I m glad to see you made it there safe. It was good to meet you all.
    this is Darrell I met you at the dry creek store north umpqua Oregon
    check out my youtube channel dar tice


  7. Met these two up on top of crater lake oregon ……spoke for about five mins.
    And thanx to them Ive got a bucket list idea now …..big time inpirational ..I love riding and knowing somthing like this exits so close to cali. Man im glad I pulled right up next to u guys as u shared a bit of ur adventures ….thanx guys congrats on reaching the west coast …and tremendous good luck on your next adventure ….


  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I have been following all of you throughout your trip. Been worried about Richard but I should have known that he is stronger and healthier than anyone. Hoping to see him when he returns to Blacksburg and gets some well deserved rest. Love u both.


  9. Outstanding, simply outstanding! !!
    The one thing I always regretted was not getting my daughter into dirt biking like my boys. Good job everyone!


  10. I’m thankful y’all made it successefully! Your journey, as well as my own experiences, prove that life is indeed like chocolate chip cookies. Many of the ingredients, taken by themselves, are unpleasant and not enjoyable. Once they are combined, however, and go through the process, the end result is wonderful indeed. All of the trying times you endured contributed directly to the deliciousness of the result. Comgratulations, and enjoy the cookies.


  11. Congratulations !!!!! what an adventure. hey guys just a quick question i’m planning on riding the TAT but i don’t know which of my bikes to take either a Yamaha WR 450 F (prepped for long hauls and street legal) or a Yamaha Super Tenere 1200 also prepped for off road. the wr seems like the right choice but i really would like to do it with the super T. i guess my question is if there are passes too rocky or too extreme for a big bike or do you guys think it is possible. thanks again and congrats!!!!!!!!


    1. Thank you!!! We would have to agree with you- the WR is a much more appropriate bike for the TAT. If you are VERY experienced on the T on off road go for it, but also consider are you going alone (if so can you pick up the bike by yourself?), are you taking camping gear or other things that would add even more weight, etc. my dad says the largest he would go is an 800. Good luck!!


  12. Thank you for a wonderful blog of your trip. And congratulations on your success! When you feel the spirit move you, it would be great if you would post some reflections on the entire experience. All aspects: dirt vs. highway, difference between the bikes, knowledge you wish you had before going, wisdom you gained as a result of the trip…you know. I hope to do this in a couple of years.


  13. This is the old solo dude from Arkansas on the KLR, who rolled up on you 3 just inside the New Mexico border. Great story- thought about you all several times; but, had lost your blog address. Discovered it other day & been reading your adventure. I returned home with some stories; but, nothing to compared to this. When does the Nevada/Oregon leg play out? Anxious to learn what’s left.


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