TAT Day 25 – A Trail Fit for a Honey Badger

June 10th, 2015
Richfield, UT – Kanosh, UT
Miles Ridden – 40
Total Miles – 3,385
Well the Day started off with just a slight mishap, before the bikes were even started….
But very shortly we were on our way to make a pit-stop for food and supplies at Wal-Mart, our favorite place.  Finding a spot in the shade in one corner of the parking lot naturally we ate lunch, took a nap, and aired out our laundry.
Soon after that it was time to head out of town again and back up into the mountains. Today’s trail was some amazing ATV track that lead over the mountain, instead of around it, to the small but charming town of Kanosh, UT.
The terrain and trails still stand out in my mind because they were at that perfect edge of being enough of a challenge to push my limits, but not so challenging to scare the pee out of me (well maybe a little) or have to stop and strategize how to tackle every turn.  It was the ultimate fun of being in the riding zone, feeling challenged yet capable and confidant all at the same time!  I also saw a deer on the trail, and almost ran over a what appeared to be a poisonous snake!!  I’m glad I was too quick for him!
The only downside was the look of a storm in the distance…

Stefan had peeled off from us to go try some of the more challenging routes, so as we waited for him, hoping that he would reach us before the storm, a couple of real life cowboys ambled up on their horses!


It was fun to chat with them and hear about their cowboy adventures, and they also gave us a heads up about the camping and lodging situation near Kanosh.  Since it looked like rough weather was ahead we decided to take the trail all the way into town to find some more substantial shelter than our tents.  Once Stefan caught up to us, we were off!


We beat the storm into town and luckily also made it right before the gas station/hotel had closed up shop for the evening! After picking up some grub at the Kanosh Mercantile we settled in and called it a night.  It had been a fun and fruitful day!



One thought on “TAT Day 25 – A Trail Fit for a Honey Badger

  1. Hey, Larkin! What a delight to get these posts from the TAT. Two years on is not too late! I really think you could publish this somehow. Anyway, what fun! love you s



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