TAT Day 24 – Hairball Climbing

Ferron, UT – Richfield, UT

Miles Ridden – 95

Total Miles – 3,345
Even though we started the day off well rested after our pizza, ice cream and real bed sleeping, we stopped fairly early in the day to gas up, lube the chains, and have Stefan’s favorite snack!
Heading out of town and up into the mountains the climbing started pretty quickly. Because we had heard there may still be some snow and passes closed, weren’t too sure about how far up we were headed or what we would find at the top.  Luckily some folks came along who were familiar with the territory and were generous enough to give us their map and to tell us which roads and parts of the pass were still closed due to snow.
After chatting with them for a bit, it was time to tackle a pretty steep and silty hill with not very much room to get momentum going.  I took several attempts, dropping my bike each time with not enough momentum.  I was very close to having Stef take my bike up for me, but thought I’d give it one last try, and I am very glad I did, because that time I got it!
After we all got up this initial steep part there was a small flat area to take a slight pause, but after that we continued on to what seemed like the longest and gnarliest of gnarly uphill climbs.  It went on and on and on and I am SHOCKED that I never bit it.  I knew I just had to stay on that throttle, and keep my gaze uphill.  When we finally got to the top I had to park my bike, throw myself on the ground and spout out a long string of expletives!!
But it was well worth it!!  At the top we reached a plateau filled with beautiful flowers and views.
We continued onward with much calmer terrain, a couple of water crossings, and some new friends!
Finally coming to Richfield, UT, we had dinner at a tasty Chinese restaurant, complete with leftovers for breakfast, and parked it at the Days Inn.

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