TAT Day 23 – It’s a Wash! Black Dragon Wash that is….

Green River, UT – Ferron, UT
Miles Ridden – 95
Total Miles – 3,250
Today’s Travel Time – 8.5 hrs
Animal Totem – Pack Mule
What I learned today – How to ride a motorcycle through gnarly ass shit & why it’s a good idea to pack light.
We got up, packed up and sped away from civilization until there was evidence that nature was winning the battle for the road – the sage brush was dramatically encroaching on the pavement.
Soon the pavement disappeared completely, leaving some pretty gnarly mud that got me once.
In fact after that we went totally off-trail for a bit – dodging sagebrush and anthills was a whole lot easier than riding on the ‘road.’
Eventually the mud dried up and we followed the now dry, but rough road as it traversed next to an incredible wall of rock that looked like something out of Star Wars.
Around midday we found the trail running through a storm drain! So we took a pause in the shade for a cliff bar snack, and of course some peanut m&ms.
IMG_5839 IMG_5836 IMG_5838
About 20 minutes after lunch is when the true insanity began. We passed a sign that said ‘Black Dragon Wash,’ and I thought to myself, hmmmm, that doesn’t sound good…
IMG_5841 IMG_5842 IMG_5843
A few turns later we were riding straight into a high walled canyon with a road of sand and rocks.
IMG_5844 IMG_5845 IMG_5846
It was pretty slow going in BDW- and hot. It was one of those instances when the extra gasoline and water that my dad was carrying for us made a pretty big difference in bike handling. He went down once and we took a break in the shade – finding we were not alone!
IMG_5849 IMG_5850 IMG_5852
After a little while longer we took shelter from the sun again under some rocks and tried to figure out how much longer the wash was going to last.
IMG_5855  IMG_5857 IMG_5858 IMG_5862
We came around one corner to see the road actually completely washed out- to continue onward we’d have to either clear a couple feet between the split apart parts of the road, or skirt a gaping hole.
We realized we had just crossed a dried out stream bed, so we decided to try our luck with that. The stream bed terrain was actually a bit easier to ride than a lot of the trail had been!
We continued onward in the wash using the tactic of resting in every shade spot we came across.
IMG_5866 IMG_5865 IMG_5864 IMG_5863
A couple of times we tried to bail, but to no avail- it looked like the trail came close to the highway, but there ended up being a gaping canyon between the two.
At last it seemed like we were climbing out of the wash – steep uphill, slabs of rock across the path that slowly tapered out into calmer terrain.
Just after climbing out of the wash we found a road did connect out to the highway, but unfortunately there was a locked gate barring our path. Oh well, at least we got to see 4 adorable prancing donkeys playing on the way back and forth to the locked gate (can you tell we were delirious by now?)
Finally the TAT wound closer to the highway again, and this time connected and crossed underneath. We stayed on the gravel service road that ran next to the highway for a while and then when presented with the choice of more canyon we opted for pavement, bypassing Eagle Canyon, which was a wise choice, unless we had wanted to sleep out there!
IMG_5872After a short time I-70 reconnected with part of the TAT – a secondary paved road that cut through a beautiful blooming dessert.
IMG_5871  IMG_5873
After another hour or so we made a short detour north to Gilly’s in Ferron, UT – the only place to stay for miles around. It had been a long, hot day – definitely our toughest yet. We were all well worn out and happy to be indoors, happily eating ice cream in bed while waiting on our pizza 🙂

3 thoughts on “TAT Day 23 – It’s a Wash! Black Dragon Wash that is….

  1. Thanks for picking the TAT back up. What a beautiful spot is Black Dragon Wash from this distance. Just glad I wasn’t there…



  2. Thank you for continuing on with your pictures and comments. Enjoy reading about your adventure as we will begin the tat next month. Was the route easily found by using the maps from Sam or did you rely more on gps. Thanks again


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