TAT Day 22 – Mother Nature is the Ultimate Shakti Goddess

Moab, UT – Green River State Park, UT

Miles Ridden – 97

Total Miles – 3,155

Today’s Travel Time – 5 hrs

Animal Totem – Lizard 

What I learned today – Utah looks like another planet

Despite the forecast, clear skies finally kicked in today. Dad and I did an oil change in the parking lot while Stefan went and rode the infamous slick rock. 

 I added some wonderful smelling purple sage to my bike before continuing on to lunch ☺️ 


 We ate at a cute place called Love Muffin (I resisted getting a t-shirt) and met a guy, Eric, originally from South Carolina, who had been living off of his bicycle for the past two years. Wow!!

Today the TAT ran right by Arches National Park, and I absolutely wanted to spend at least a little time there. It was very well worth the stop. 
Obviously one of the major perks of this trip is seeing so much of our beautiful nation’s nature and wilderness. In Arches we found some of the most awe inspiring creations of Mother Nature. 



The spires and the arches – shiva and shakti (the masculine & feminine) doing their divine dance of will and surrender, assertion and receptivity. We could have spent the whole day there, but we only had a couple of hours to take it in.



It was already 4 or so when we left Arches, filled up on fuel, and quickly began a rocky and steep ascent up Gemini bridges. It was some of the more challenging terrain we had done to date, and after we rode a little ways up we decided with the late hour and the fact we were all slightly cooked from being in the sun all day it would be safer (and we would actually make it to camp in the daylight) if we turned back and headed to Green River via the easier route- around the mountain instead of over it. 
We still had fun though…



and this route was not without its challenges…


The next several hours were spent riding through some truly gorgeous scenery.  



Arriving at Green River State Park with daylight to spare, we set up camp and did all we could to evade the plethora of skeeters. 




4 thoughts on “TAT Day 22 – Mother Nature is the Ultimate Shakti Goddess

  1. What beautiful photos! Glad you can enjoy the area a bit! I’ll miss the blog but glad you all will soon be home! Enjoy the last days of freedom!!


  2. Ditto. Have been following and enjoying reading about your trip. Much respect and gratitude for sharing. Best of luck. Tom


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