TAT Day 16 – Doubling Down at the Days Inn 

Clayton, NM – Clayton, NM

Miles Ridden – 3

Total Miles – 2,200

Where do I begin? Well we begin and end the day in the same place, the Clayton, New Mexico Days Inn. It was a day of false starts, fix-a-flat, and phantom storms. 

After entering into NM last night we dropped down off the TAT to camp at Clayton Lake, but by the time we stopped through Clayton for gas it was already on the verge of darkness. It also looked like rain was headed our way, so we decided to opt for a hotel instead and found out that the Days Inn had a hot tub!

 In the morning we got up and were ready to roll, but got outside to see that dad’s chain looked like it was about to fall off and needed a link taken out of it. 

So the boys worked on that and I went across the street to visit with the dinosaurs.

     OK – chain shortened and new master link successfully inserted! Except now we spied something else…

Some kind of wire was stuck in Dad’s tire, probably from the huge puddle detour of yesterday. Unfortunately when the wire was moved it made a hissing sound – the tube was punctured. We decided to clip the wire, leave it in and use fix-a-flat. 

After the tire patch it was lunch time so we headed over to the Wild Horse Grill where we ate and met some Clayton locals who wanted to include our story in their paper. 
Simultaneously Stefan was on the phone ordering new tires, and talking to various motorcycle shops in Colorado. 

After lunch we checked both the doppler radar and dad’s tire, and neither one of them looked good. We went back over to the loves gas station where dad removed the wire, used another can of fix-a-flat, and added more air to the tire. Now it appeared that a storm containing lightning and hail was headed straight for the road north of town which would lead us back to the TAT. 

All of these factors combined with the fact that it was already 4pm lead us to make the decision to stay one more night in Clayton. 

Back to the Days Inn, where we utilized a few extra hours to purge our gear, change dad’s tire, and chart out the next 3 days which we now had to make it to Telluride before our appointment to have our tires changed. 


Oh, and I painted my fingernails ☺️   


8 thoughts on “TAT Day 16 – Doubling Down at the Days Inn 

  1. We ate at the Wildhorse Inn when we passed through there…..when leaving town you will see where the welded horse sculpture was made! I was nursing a damaged tire there also & worked on it in the Day’s Inn parking lot! Ordered tires all the way around and got them swapped out in Colorado Springs, also got bike serviced there at the BMW dealer…. weren’t very pleased with them, but that’s another story. Keep ’em comin’! Ride safe!


  2. If you guys are in Colorado Springs tonight isn’t that sort of off the TAT? By coincidence I found your blog this evening and I live in Colorado Springs, small world. I’m prepping for the TAT in the near future…..


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