TAT Day 13 – Rain Riding, Honey Badger Down

 Big Cabin, OK – Ponca City, OK
Miles Ridden – 124

Total Miles – 1,777

Today’s Travel Time – 6 hrs

Animal Totem – Sea Otter

What I learned today – Take a rest day before you’re forced to…spend the extra cash on waterproof gear that works so you don’t feel and look like you just peed your pants or have to wear plastic bags inside your boots for days. 

Well it was a day to remember…or forget, take your pick. 

Rain met us when we awoke, happy to be indoors with dry laundry and gear. Well it wouldn’t stay dry for long, this time we were heading out in the rain (only showers, no storms). 


I took the newspaper out of my boots (helps to dry them out), crafted a homemade splint for my wrist out of a toilet paper tube (I’ve been having carpel tunnel numb fingers from the bike vibrations), and considered only very briefly, the possibility that I was, in fact, crazy, before we hopped on the bikes and headed out into the rain.  

 I actually didn’t mind riding in the rain. I felt cosy and protected inside my gear with my feet wrapped up in plastic bags. I was belting out Aretha Franklin as we tore on down the highway (we had decided to abandon TAT for a couple of days to make up time). At one point it did feel mildly as though I had peed my pants (except the feeling was cold instead of warm) but I just chalked that up to the chill of the rain getting in through the fabric.

Then we made a stop off at Walmart to get a real wrist brace for my hand issues. That is when I discovered it wasn’t just that it felt like I had peed my pants, but it looked like it too. Oh and the plastic bags around my feet? Yeah, they weren’t keeping anything dry. So along with the wrist braces we got some waterproof pants and dry socks. 

Back on the road. Another hour or so along in the rain before it thankfully started to clear up. Unfortunately by that time I had started to get a splitting headache and a bit of a sore throat. By the time we finally got somewhere for a late lunch it was more than I could do to sit upright at the table. Luckily it was a bit early for the Friday night dinner rush. Lil Henry was concerned. 

After a brief nap on the floor of the restaurant I mustered the strength to make it outside, where I promptly had to lie back down on the sidewalk. 

After about 20 minutes with no improvement on feeling like I could move, we decided to call it a day and dad found the nearest hotel. Luckily it was less than a mile away and I somehow rode over, grabbed the hotel key and got into bed. Dad and Stefan parked my bike, brought in my gear, and hit the pool. I pretty much slept for 14 straight hours, waking up briefly to eat a couple bites of dinner and take some emergen-c and electrolyte drinks that Stef had run out for.

Although I had been trying to push through the pain and exhaustion like the Honey Badger that I am, my body was clearly pissed off, and it made the executive decision to take a break from the TAT.


12 thoughts on “TAT Day 13 – Rain Riding, Honey Badger Down

  1. Work thru the pain and continue on. The good parts are coming up! I did the TAT solo last year in 20 days. The scenery changes and the riding gets harder but it’s worth it.


      1. Lovely ride and thanks for keeping the blog up to date. I’m Carl Parker, Publisher of ADVMoto. What you’ve got here is the kind of stuff dreams are made of. As a matter of health and safety, it’s important to give yourself enough mental space and time to do a trip like this. Once you start feeling sick and fatigued, it’s good to slow it down a notch. This is easier to do when solo, but riding with both mental and physical stress it tough. We can usually only hand one or the other for extended periods. Either way, please ride safe and ride on! Contact us later if you’d like to share your story.

        Carl and the ADVMoto Crew


      2. Thanks so much Chris! Yes, I’ve gotten a few days behind on the blog because I’ve opted to get a full night’s sleep instead 🙂 I’ll definitely get in touch with you once we wrap up!


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