TAT Day 12 – Rain, Rest, and Oklahoma Water

No Head Hollow Campsite, OK – Big Cabin, OK

Miles Ridden – 66

Total Miles – 1,653

Today’s Travel Time – 4.5 hrs

Animal Totem – Oklahoma Sheep Frog 

What I learned today – We pack up camp a lot quicker with an impending storm on our heels!

The drops had just started to fall as we finished packing everything onto the bikes so we sped down the road back to War Eagle Resort to wait out the big thunderstorm about to pass right over us. Riding in rain is one thing, but riding in thunder and lightning is a little too risky. 


  Besides losing time, no one was complaining about the forced rest. We caught up on blogs – my compadre Stefan started a blog of his own- http://www.talesfromthetat.wordpress.com, and Dad got a shower and a nap. 

   After eating some nasty microwaveable sandwiches in the decorated lounge we finally got back out on the trail. 


Evidence of the storm was all over the TAT as we hit the backroads, riding through numerous puddles and swollen creeks. It was fun riding and made the OK dirt and gravel a little more interesting. 

    At one point we stopped right before this 50- yard puddle to get off the bikes for a break and heard a field full of sheep. Except there were no sheep to be seen…. eventually after looking around and noticing all of the bogs I realized what we were hearing weren’t sheep, but frogs that sounded just like sheep! Thus was born the Oklahoma Sheep Frog!

 After some more water riding my feet were soaked (I’ll opt for the more expensive actual waterproof boots next time) and we pulled into the Los Cocos Mexican restaurant in Salina, OK where we had some fun as well as a tasty lunch. 

  It was already late in the day, we were all pretty cooked so when we stopped for gas about 10 miles down the road we called it a day and decided to head to the Super 8 in Big Cabin. After chatting with some great folks in the parking lot and laying out our gear to dry we walked across the highway where I was delighted to find kale on the truck stop salad bar. 

         The surprises just keep on coming during this TAT adventure. 


8 thoughts on “TAT Day 12 – Rain, Rest, and Oklahoma Water

  1. 1.you guys are flippin’ crazy! thanks for letting me know I don’t want to live in OK with decorated lounges of moose head on my walls and turkeys on my tables!!!!

    2. you guys are just plain crazy! what an adventure!

    3. i’ll bet you can’t wait to get rid of living out of plastic bags!

    4. cool, fun blurry pic of you & your Dad

    5. be safe in all that rain, sounds like you have a great plan, and you are staying safe 🙂

    6. looks like you are having a blast, although I still think you’re crazy! Lol You’re so brave!


  2. Hey you guy’s and gal,
    Oh the amount of fun you must be having, how I wish I were there with you, I have wanted to ride the full TAT for many years, as luck would have it I live in Colorado so I have a halfway point advantage, though East sure looks like fun,
    Well as you get further west, this month has been crazy wet with rain and odd weather, so please be extra careful in the mountains.
    Be safe and keep the pegs up!
    Can’t wait to see more adventures.
    Craig B


  3. FYI, your link to Stefan’s blog is broken. I found it though at talesfromthetat.wordpress.com

    Thanks for all of your entertaining post. I look forward to reading them every day. 😀


  4. Reading your blog like a book and can’t wait for the next chapter!
    I have that TAT on my bucket list and wish you guys a safe and memorable trip! Good luck!


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