TAT Day 10 – Entering the Ozarks

Woolly Hollow State Park, AR – Redding Campground, AR
Miles Ridden – 158
Total Miles – 1,427

Today’s Travel Time – 9.5 hrs

Animal Totem – Wild Turkey 

What I learned today – How grateful I am for the people who design and build bridges. 

Well we survived the storm! Thankfully it didn’t come in as bad as they were forecasting. It was a pretty morning with a slight chill in the air as we packed up and headed out. 

   We had just started to enter the beautiful Ozark Mountains, and being from the blue ridge area of VA the landscape looked a little more like home. 


Not long into the morning we reached our first impassable water crossing. 

     There wasn’t a whole lot we could do besides stare in awe at the swollen creek. Unfortunately I was sure it wouldn’t be the last of the storm’s effects that we would see on the TAT.

After backtracking a bit and sending a work around (still a gravel road, but one with bridges!) we stopped in Hector, AR to refuel and grab a bite to eat. 


I now have a new strategy to only eat a salad at lunchtime. More food than that is sure to induce laying-on-the-ground syndrome. 

After a short parking lot nap we continued onward, getting deeper and deeper into the mountains. Beautiful scenery and nice dirt/gravel roads, with views of the very swollen creeks, but no more water crossings made for an enjoyable afternoon.   

   At one point we were riding right along the ridge of a mountaintop, and could see the mountains spreading out on either side under the bright blue sky. 

It was close to 7pm when we rolled into Oark, AR to refuel. Pulling up to the Oark General Store, we found that it was closed. Not great news since they were the only place to get gas for miles. 

Luckily the owner Brian just happened to be stopping by the store, even though they had been closed for a few hours! He popped his head out and turned on the pumps for us. He also gave us some stickers and tipped us off about Redding Campground which was about 15 miles down the road. 

  After chatting for a bit we took off and found that we had the campground all to ourselves. It was still in great shape after the storm, even though the river ran right by it. After a meal and a hot shower we were all snuggled in and ready for bed.  



5 thoughts on “TAT Day 10 – Entering the Ozarks

  1. I’ve wanted to ride the TAT for years. Googled it the other day and found your blog. Thanks for posting. Enjoying the journey and looking forward to the Nevada section where we used to ride.


  2. I’m so sorry y’all didn’t get some of the famous pie from the Oark General Store. We ride 198 miles one way from my house in Beebe just for burgers and pie. I’m stoked that y’all weathered the storm though. Keep on sharing your story. We love following along.


  3. We were about two weeks ahead of ya’ll. Only my brother is still at it, almost to the Pacific. Some threw in the towel in OK due to the rain. We slabbed it through OK for that reason. NM, CO and UT made all the rain worthwhile. I had to turn around at Moab, out of vacation time. You have some great riding ahead.


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