TAT Day 7 – Mississippi and the 1000 Mile Mark

Shakti Goddess of Love, Ready to Ride!

Counce, TN – Puskus Lake Recreation Area, MS

Miles Ridden – 122

Total Miles – 1,075

Today’s Travel Time – 8 hrs

Animal Totem – Honey Badger 

What I learned today – Looking at cute animals is potentially hazardous while motorcycling on gravel roads. 

We woke up well rested in our shoebox hotel room and went back to the joint next door for a hot breakfast.   


Somehow even though we had left most of our gear on the bikes it still took us about 3.5 hours from when we got up to when we hit the road! Bike maintanance and hanging out with a cute TAT pup will do that to you I guess ☺️

We crossed the border into Mississippi on back roads, then stopped after about an hour at Lake Hill Motor to get a new tire tube and some chain lube. 


 We checked out the motorcycle museum and chatted with a guy who had done the TAT back in 2010. And dad got me some new pink goggles! I’m always on the lookout for things that will alert people to the fact that I’m a badass lady rider ☺️

After that it was back on the TAT for some getter done miles! MS is hot and flat, with plenty of red dirt and gravel roads. It was nice to be back off-road after a lot of pavement in the second half of TN, and I had my new goggles right in time for all the road dust!
We made a brief stop about every 45 minutes or so to drink water, have a snack and air out our butts (actually I’m the only one who did that, but I think it was a smart move). 
  We hit the 1000 mile mark mid-afternoon (wooohoooo!!!) and stopped for lunch at a tasty Mexican place. I swapped out my helmet face shield from clear to tinted and enjoyed some traditional southern sweet tea. 
After a couple more hours on the TAT I was fairly tired and delirious. We stopped off relatively early to camp by a beautiful Mississippi lake and had a good night planning the next few days of riding and strategizing about what the hell we are going to do about the massive storm that’s headed our way…..


‘lil Henry watching the sunset




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