TAT Shakedown #2 ~ Badassary Abounds

The day after shakedown ride #2 I learned how to change the oil on the Yamaha!! It was a cinch – with the help of my dad and google that is 🙂

Dad and I embarked on shakedown ride #2 on a fair May day. Wanting to get some saddle time in and also find some riding gear for me (the pants I ordered were too small!) we hit the road for a nice loop through Christiansburg where we stopped to see Travis at Go Race, on to Roanoke where we stopped off at two more motorcycle shops finally finding some women’s adventure motorcycle pants which were waterproof, adequately padded, and on sale (bonus!).

On the ride home we made a detour to the Audie Murphy Monument to get some off-road riding in. We were cruising down Mt. Tabor Rd when all of a sudden I notice a sheriff’s car in the corner of my eye in a parking lot. I look down at my speedometer – its hovering around 50mph. In a 30mph zone. Oops!!! Yep, just a moment later – flashing lights. Dad pulls over first and hops off his bike. I ride up behind him and turn off my motorcycle.  He walks back to the sheriff’s car apologizing for his speed. A woman gets out of the car which has a giant pink breast cancer ribbon painted on the hood and says, “it wasn’t you, it was the gentleman behind you.” To which my dad says, “Oh, that’s my daughter…..”  I got off with a warning.

I can’t help but feel there was some Shakti Goddess solidarity that contributed to receiving a warning not a ticket. Lady biker gets pulled over by lady sheriff. As women in these areas where we are still in the minority, we need to support one another. When half of our f-ed up population would still ask ‘why would a girl want to to that?’ and thankfully the other half will say – ‘a lady sheriff….a lady biker? That’s Badass.’


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