WHY the Trans-Am Trail?

Larkin & Richard
Larkin & Richard

So why am I going on this crazy adventure???  Well, the most logical response I have is – why not??  Quite honestly the logical brain can find plenty of reasons why not. My social self and my Lizard can find plenty of reasons why this adventure is a bad idea. But over the last year I have learned a lot of things, one of the things I’ve learned is how to turn down the volume on those parts of my brain until they are barely audible. If and when I do hear them, I can recognize them as the laughable lies that are yes, trying keep me safe, but that ultimately stand in the way of my heart’s deepest longing which is peace, love and freedom.

I am embarking on the TAT because my heart is saying, go, go, go. Go and spend this month essentially outdoors all the time, traversing streams, mountains and desserts, spending time with an amazing man who just happens to be my father. When we choose to face the things that feel impossible, just the fact that we are facing them, just the fact that we are saying YES I CAN, begins to erode those voices of self doubt and deprecation.  And when we align our minds with making the seemingly impossible possible, the universe and unseen forces swoop in to support our endeavors. Will we make it all the way? Who knows? Will we have the adventure of a lifetime, riding into the unknown, meeting each day with courage, determination & love? You bet your asses. As long as I’m following freedom I know I am on the right path. Screw it, Let’s Ride!!!


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